In 1998, while having coffee, one of us started drawing, mocking Bob Ross, "a small river within mountains, and a pine aside…" The others joined in, sketching all sorts of figures --a cabin, a cow, a mammoth, an old ship, a UFO, seagulls, to name a few-- and providing stories to explain each of their contributions. Although a psychoanalyst might diagnose several disorders based on this drawing, we have chosen it as representative of the mindset here at LUSARA: team work is key, we rely on a variety of disciplines and approaches, and we depend greatly on imagination. We believe that the scientific endeavor requires all of these components, in addition to rigorous thinking, intensive study, and experience. Working in an informal environment, but adhering to the standards required by high-quality research (after all, we have published in high-profile journals, collaborated with outstanding investigators, and worked for well-established companies) we have created a fertile environment for academic activities. In an entirely bureaucracy-free setting, we offer our clients and collaborators, high-quality services, friendly support, and prompt results.



E-mail: lusarios@lusara.org

Carlos Amábile
Alejandro Carbajal
Fabrizio Delissalde
Javier Díaz
Isabel Nivón-Bolán